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Christians supporting the 12 tribes of Israel from Canada.

Dahl Family


Cody was born and raised in Alberta, Canada and while an atheist  found Yahuweh (God) while at his lowest point in his life in his mid 30's. He has a real desire and passion to do Yah's will over his life. Abba has truly done an amazing transformation on him and a calling over his life and family. His greatest asset is his prayer life and relationship to God and he wants to share and show you how you too can have this amazing peace and relationship with our Heavenly Creator. 


Tonya was born and raised in Texas and was lied to by a certain Canadian that she would find Alberta refreshing and it really wasn't that cold up there! Well, she married him and hasn't quite adjusted to Canadian winters( Praise Abba for Texas winter vacations)! She makes the best of it and has gotten involved with homeschooling projects, teaching and loves being a wife and mom! Her real passion is marriage restoration and helping people restore their marriages, keeping children together through biblical principals, helping moms be better moms and a real passion for single moms (widows & orphans).  

Psalm 27:10

When my father and my mother forsake me, Yahuweh will take care of me.


Abigail has the best of both worlds. She loves Texas and Canada. Abba has blessed her with a talent in art and music. She loves to play the harp, sing gospel hymns, draw, write and read books. She has a real love for Yahowshua (Jesus) and we are so blessed to have her! A true gift from Yahuweh.