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Christians supporting the 12 tribes of Israel from Canada.

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We are called to spread the gospel, heal the broken-hearted and teach the good news about Yahowshua (Jesus). Our goal is to heal broken marriages and to teach people how to have a deep personal relationship with Yahuweh  (God) through prayer, prayer journaling and casting lots. 

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Consider a monetary donation through our Marriage Today Eventbrite page.  Eventbrite has the lowest fees for donations which helps us save money. We believe essential oils were used by the priest, used on Yahowshua (Jesus) and still valid for us today. Consider being a monthly customer with Young Living essential oils. You can use #1132363. HTE is an amazing company and Cody is a big time user, supporter and super knowledgeable about these medically classified devices that improve oxygen in the body and gives a total body relaxation.  

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